Our Owner

Gevork Voskerchyan

Thank you for visiting our Website! My name is Gevork Voskerchyan. I am the Commanding Officer of CSD Patrol.

I have been in the private security/patrol industry for more than 15 years. What began as a summer job in fire service, emergency operations and rescue training evolved into the birth and development of my own business to help others. Having previously worked for a large and successful security patrol company, I have learned and continue to learn how to better serve clients and exceed expectations in each of the security services we provide: from normal daily services to special requests, from parking lot enforcement and property rule violations to dealing with criminal activity. Every day and every experience are opportunities to serve and learn how to serve better. Helping others feel safe is its own reward.

The CSD Patrol philosophy of security patrol includes (1) safety,¬† (2) observation, and (3) customer service. We prefer to avoid¬† it, but we are trained in use-of-force because sometimes force is necessary to protect our client’s interests and neutralize a threat.

At CSD Patrol, we are committed to the security of our clients, their person and property.

Our Mission

CSD Patrol is committed to delivering experienced, industry-leading, professional security services with courtesy and intelligence to clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area in the form of daily routine services, temporary or long-term assignments. Our unwavering commitment is to the security of our clients.

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