Emergency and Special Event Services

Reliable Response when you Need it Most

Emergency and special events include:

  • Structure Protection (due to fire, flood and/or break-in)
  • Employment Termination
  • Crime Deterrence (due to threat)
  • Home / Business Protection
  • Welfare Check Request
  • Vacation Watch
  • Private Events
  • Church Protection
  • Officer Stand-By


“Our Patrol Officers are ready to respond and take over any situation on your behalf. We offer same day, same hour emergency security services. GUARANTEED!”
* Please note that we obey all local and state traffic laws when attending to any type of response call. We do not have the capability to respond with our lights activated nor use any alerting devices to direct traffic. If an estimated time of arrival (ETA) is promised, the said time is gauged with light traffic and clear weather conditions within the county limits of Los Angeles. Our ability to assist in your situation may differ as we are a private security company and do not have any type of law enforcement authority.

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